We think our BBQ is top notch, but don't just take our word for it!

"I live in central Ohio, but support a remote office in Ft. Wayne.  I’ve made the trip to Ft Wayne several times over the last four years to visit the office.  The first time I made the trip, we decided to get BBQ for lunch and came to Shigs In Pit.  I’ve always loved burnt ends, so that was my go-to when I got there.  These were the best burnt ends I had ever had, and I’ve had them in a lot of places.  Every time I come to Ft. Wayne, I make a point to either have lunch or get a to go order to bring back home for dinner.  The meat is so tender, the rub so flavorful, and the sauce so good, that any time someone from Ft Wayne makes the trip to Ohio, I have a standing request for them to stop and pick up some burnt ends to bring me.  Today, I enjoyed the delivered burnt ends for lunch and had many people tell me how jealous they were of the smell/appearance. Thanks for making such delicious food and packaging it to travel." Chris - September 6, 2018

"Best Q in the Fort! If you haven't ate there you haven't eaten true bar- b-b-q and that's the truth. It's everything you want in q and everything on the menu is amazing you can't go wrong with anything you order here. You too will give it 5 stars too I promise." - Becky - February 2018

"Coming from Memphis, I hold my BBQ to a high standard. Well, Shigs in Pit lives up to that standard. I ordered some pulled pork and ribs and, while both were a tad on the dry side, the sauces were quality. The green chile mac and cheese was a good, unique take on the time-honored classic, as were the apple pie baked beans! I'd recommend Shigs In Pit to anyone needing to whet their BBQ appetite...even if they're visiting from the BBQ Mecca that is Memphis." - T.W - August 22, 2016

"My husband took me and the kids here for dinner and I haven't stop ranting about how good it was since. The meat as so tender and moist. It just melted in my mouth. The greens where perfectly seasoned. I don't eat just anybody's greens but I wanted to have a whole bowl of just greens from here they tastes fresh and there weren't a lot of stalks. I loved it here" -TripAdvisor - August 2018

"When you think of barbecue, you think Memphis, St.Louis, Austin or Eastern NC. Fort Wayne doesn't. Well it should, at least at the corner of Taylor and Fairfield in Fort Wayne, at Shigs in Pit. I tried ribs and brisket burnt ends. Both were tender, with the flavor of a good rub and smoke. The sauces were all good and distinctively different.This was really good, not sort of good BBQ that holds its own nationally (see the awards). However, the sides were amazing. I only tried two, the Green Chile Mac & Cheese and the Spoon Cornbread. Both were uniquely delicious. Next stop, the Apple Pie Baked Beans will get their chance. Topped off with a selection of craft beers from Mad Anthony's, which only a few blocks away." - TripAdvisor - October 2016


"Last Sunday we were driving along, and suddenly we saw this little restaurant, and decided to give it a try. My wife heard it was good from a friend, and we both were hungry for barbecue. She had the pulled pork and I had the beef brisket sandwiches. they were delicious. The meat was fat, and they gave a generous portion, but not too much. I liked the original sauce, but my wife liked the tangy. For me the real treat was the sides. We ordered the baked beans and corn bread. The beans had a bit of jalapeno pepper in them that made them just a little spicy, we couldn't stop talking about them while we were eating. In fact, just writing about them makes my mouth water. The cornbread had actual pieces of sweet corn in them, and I thought it was wonderful. The restaurant isn't very big so I'm not sure how they would handle a large group of people, but it was a wonderful place for two people to get lunch on Sunday." - irishjayhawk2016 TripAdvisor - October 2018

"I mean the title to be ambiguous. The rib and meat combos are great and this place has a good combination of bbq joint in an old neighborhood of an old town with traditional offerings AND it’s clean with a nice seating area, clean bathrooms (actually bathrooms at all!) and they take credit cards. BBQ heaven since the food is worth coming in off the interstate; tasty,if not meaty, ribs; excellent brisket, complemented by a good vinegar-based sauce; spoon bread to die for; a nice cuke and tomato salad (again, a nice job with the vinegar) and traditional green beans with bacon. The ketchup based sauces are serviceable and go well on the pork." Greg F TripAdvisor - October 2018

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