We think our BBQ is top notch, but don't just take our word for it!

"This place delivers just what it says on the label:  genuinely first class barbecue.  I ordered the half slab of ribs and I loved every bite:  the meat was tasty, as tender as any ribs I've ever had; the house made barbecue sauces were delicious.  The sides (mac 'n cheese with jalapenos and coleslaw were excellent.  When we arrived I was hungry.  I left stuffed and with a box containing about a third of the huge portion of ribs. The restaurant is quite simple:  menu on the wall, with a window to order and pay; and a window to pick up your food.  But the place was brilliantly clean, comfortable and some place I would return to in a heartbeat." - D.R - November 20, 2016

"I was staying over by the airport on business but wound up driving over at 5pm on a weekday because of name I saw....the bldg may not look like much on outside as a single girl I was a lil apprehensive because no cars (but soon found out LOTS of take out biz) -my pulled pork had no gristle which was nice compared to my chains in FL, the mac & cheese had a kick in it, only thing I wish they warned me about cause I can't do spicy, the bread crispy & not overly garlickly-fun sauce selection. The staff was warm and friendly upon entering which quickly dispelled any fears if I was in a safe side downtown area. There is parking in back of bldg & 2 spots up front at curve you can pull into to run in. Would I make the drive from airport area again-totally!" - TripAdvisor - November 2016

"Coming from Memphis, I hold my BBQ to a high standard. Well, Shigs in Pit lives up to that standard. I ordered some pulled pork and ribs and, while both were a tad on the dry side, the sauces were quality. The green chile mac and cheese was a good, unique take on the time-honored classic, as were the apple pie baked beans! I'd recommend Shigs In Pit to anyone needing to whet their BBQ appetite...even if they're visiting from the BBQ Mecca that is Memphis." - T.W - August 22, 2016

"This is one of the best places to go for wonderful, slow cooked meat. They have home made sauces on every table and you'll be in heaven when you take your first bite. The prices may be a bit higher than you would expect, but with these cuts of meat and the time, effort and love that goes into each meal, you can be assured that every penny was worth it." - J.F. - February 2016

"When you think of barbecue, you think Memphis, St.Louis, Austin or Eastern NC. Fort Wayne doesn't. Well it should, at least at the corner of Taylor and Fairfield in Fort Wayne, at Shigs in Pit. I tried ribs and brisket burnt ends. Both were tender, with the flavor of a good rub and smoke. The sauces were all good and distinctively different.This was really good, not sort of good BBQ that holds its own nationally (see the awards). However, the sides were amazing. I only tried two, the Green Chile Mac & Cheese and the Spoon Cornbread. Both were uniquely delicious. Next stop, the Apple Pie Baked Beans will get their chance. Topped off with a selection of craft beers from Mad Anthony's, which only a few blocks away." - TripAdvisor - October 2016

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